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Are Heated Floors Energy Efficient?

May 29, 2013 01:05 AM  BY  DALE SPAFFORD

Energy Wise and Energy Conscious Radiant Heated Floors

We’re all trying to be a bit more environmentally savvy and more protective of our resources. The news is filled with different ways we can take care of our earth and do our part to keep it a safe place to live. Being energy efficient is an important part of the “going green” puzzle. It is smart to minimize our personal impact on the ever-shrinking world we live in. Installing electric radiant heated floors as your primary heat source in a home or office is definitely one way to remain energy conscious. Radiant floor heating systems are very efficient in heating your home as they are only called upon to work when needed, drawing small amounts of electricity – a renewable energy source.

One factor to consider in being energy efficient with your heated floors is the type of floor you are warming. There are several different types of floor heating systems, and each is best suited to a specific type of flooring, such as ceramic tile, hardwood, laminates, etc. Talking with someone in the industry about your specific needs will help you narrow down which type of floor heating system is right for your floor.

Radiant heat technology has improved so much over the years that heat loss is almost eliminated, unlike other traditional forms of home heating. There are systems available that are very energy efficient, with 99 percent of the system’s energy going to heating the floor. The floor heating systems do their job well, so you can concentrate on other ways to be energy wise.


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What is the Easiest Way to Heat My Floor?

May 03, 2013 01:05 AM  BY  DALE SPAFFORD

Simple Radiant Heated Floor Solutions

Installing radiant heated floors may sound daunting to someone who isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of person. So when it comes to choosing a radiant floor heating system , you should first make a list of as many questions as you can think of - and then call a radiant heat expert to consult with. Surprisingly, installing heated floors is a simple and cost effective way to increase the value of your home and add warmth to your floors. Many customers can do most of the work themselves once they have a radiant heat provider design the layout of the project.

Installing radiant floor heating mats.This type of home improvement project should reflect the needs and desires of your lifestyle. The radiant floor heating system should match what you are trying to achieve in home heating. You should do all the front end research your heart desires so you are comfortable with the final choice you make on your in-floor heating. There are several quality radiant floor heating options that are available, and each system boasts unique features and are designed with specific applications in mind.

It can be overwhelming to start exploring a project like this. The top floor heating providers offer free consulting, so to help simplify the process, call a radiant heat expert and discuss your project. Reputable radiant heat providers have done the research for you and can offer a comprehensive radiant floor heating system designed to match your specifications.

Installing a radiant floor may seem formidable as you start out, yet if you ask the right questions to the right professionals, heating your floor can be fairly simple. Take advantage of the consulting that these radiant heat companies offer. Call  for more information.


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Which Radiant Heated Floor System is Considered an Industry Leader?

March 22, 2013 01:03 AM  BY  ROBERT COHEN

Finding the Best Suited Floor Heating for You

Radiant heated hardwood floor. Clothes, shoes, and homes come in all different sizes. Each uniquely suited for a specific body, foot, or family. The same is true for radiant heated floors . There is not one heated floor solution ideal across the board. There are certainly heated floor products made with higher quality or designed to last longer, but to find the best provider and system for you, you must know what to look for in a provider. The following qualities and services are "must haves" when it comes to finding the best radiant heat provider for your project:

  • Large selection of proven products (from different manufactures)
  • Professional system design and engineering services.
  • Personal installation support by a radiant heat expert
  • Large online information resource and free documentation
  • Free quote services

Certainly one of the most crucial services that should be included with any radiant floor heating system is system design. Make sure that you only work with professionals who provide detailed system design and engineering services. This service, coupled with installation support will help to ensure that your system is installed correctly and performs optimally.

Warmzone is one of the leading, and most trusted radiant heat providers. Their customer service, product quality and selection sets the benchmark in terms of what you want in a radiant heating partner. The also provide personal, expert installation support, which is another very valuable service. You can buy the best system in the world, but the best heat cable in the world cannot compensate for incorrect system design or flawed installation. Avoid the temptation of saving a few bucks on the design and installation phase of your project. You'll only end up having to spend a lot more in the long run for either an inefficient system or one that needs to be replaced.

It is critical to remember that there is not one single radiant heating system that matches each and every type of heating application. Certain floor heating systems are easily suited for heating tile floors, yet others still are uniquely suited for to warm hardwood flooring. The same applies to each type of flooring you might imagine installing. The first step is to pick your floor type then work with a radiant floor heating professional to determine which product line would work best to heat your floor. Keep in mind that once you choose the kind of floor you want and which radiant floor heating system to back it up, you’ll want to be mindful of the type of sub-flooring you have as well as the proper insulation (as the situation dictates) to keep your radiant heated floor system running at peak efficiency.

To view some of the most highly recommended systems for heating various types of floors, visit the electric floor heating page. This handy reference outlines some of the industry's top heated floor systems for heating tile, laminate, hardwood, marble floors, etc.


  Radiant Floor Heating  

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